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home | Free Articles | Cindys Pick of The Week

Cindy's Pick of The Week

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Last week Dany and I went to and estate sale - chosen because it advertised "lots of books."

We arrived early. Not so early as to be the first in line, but early enough to be among the first in. More folks arrived as it drew closer to starting time. Putting us just about middle in the cue when the door opened.

It felt like we were being sucked into the house as the proprietor stepped back and we flowed in.

As Dany, I, and the pack of hungry hunters, swept through the house it felt almost like my hands were magnets as I made my way to the books. Things just simply came into my hands as I passed through the rooms.

Every room had books. Dany went to one, I to went to the next.

We meet up in the last room. As we finished our book picking we had one, last book shelf, to browse. The one in the living room that we were pushed past when we entered.....

Only one of us could fit near the bookcase. Set in front of the shelves were baskets lined with saws. The guys kept coming by and swinging them about to get a closer look at the blades... a very dangerous spot to be!

While I did a quick check of the book shelf contents - Dany asked "what's that on the top?" - When I looked up the row was covered with hand carved wooden Folk Art pieces.

There was an assortment of hand carved wooden spoons from Africa, pipe holders and some very interesting wooden cups. Dany and I marveled over the details - one piece of wood carved into a cup and designed with such loving detail.

We really liked these little pieces and decided to pick a couple of the cups up.

Later we learned, from the items that we purchased along with the books, that this estate was owned by a doctor who traveled - much of his traveled seemed to be to the poorer countries of the world.

With a little research we learned that the cups are known as Yugoslavian Shepherds Cups. Hand carved in Yugoslavia.

Sometimes, it seems you just have to buy something so you can learn more about it.


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